Sub Rosa Wiki

Version 0.01[]

The very first version of Sub Rosa.

Released in June 16 of 2012

This version was very unstable and it was hidden, there are no sound effects, no round timer, the cars dont have windows and the physics of them are not very good.

Version 0.02[]

The second version of Sub Rosa has been released for the public, it was not hidden anymore.

Release is "kinda" unknow, but we believe it was in June 18 or 19 of 2012


Added sound effects.

Added timer for the rounds, now the rounds have limited time.


Improved car model, now there are windows on it.

When you die, you will join into spectator team, and you can cycles trough players.

When in spectator, you can only talk with spectators.


Fixed shadows

Version 0.03[]

Very similar to 0.02 and was a very small update.

Released in June 20 of 2012

Fixed some bugs.

Version 0.05[]

This update added really good things, and Sub Rosa started getting popular here.

Released in June 29 of 2012


Added zoom.

Added an invert mouse option.

Added car speed'o meter.

Added bases for the teams.

Added city improvements, like other types of buildings, slopes and a factory wich was used for trading.

Added new bullet damage.

Added a new weapon called Rifle.

Added spectator info, like the player name and the keys to switch the player view.

Added damage model, now the players can bleed and a specific item called bandage was added for it.

Added a Friendly Fire penalty, if you hit a teammate, you lose money.

Added crypticsea links, like the website and his Twitter.


Fixed the items clipping trough the map.


Improved the map UI.

Improved the player models.

Now there are 5 slots insteady of 4.

Replaced the Documents to Disks.

Player speed has been slowed down.

Version 0.06[]

This was an important update and added alot of organizations.

Released in August 21 of 2012


Added Linux build.

Added Voice chat (Exclusive to 0.06a).

Added the Aquisition mission, there is a randomized car with a disk driving to South East Tunnel.

Added unique sounds for each weapon.

Added a system for the weapon changing, before it was random, now it depends on the money: -1.000$ = None ; 0$ = Pistol ; 1.000$ = Submachine Gun and bandage ; 2.000$ = Rifle, Submachine Gun and bandage.

Added the cellphones, used for voice chat from long ranges.

Added working breakable windows.

Added tire blowing.

Added tunnels.

Added a new building.


Changed the team names, Yellow team->Goldmen Inc. ; Blue team->Monsota ; Grey team-> OXS International.

Changed the place to deposit the cash/disk, now you have to put it inside a safe room, before you had to drop it at wall.

Enhanced shaders / atmosphere.

Version 0.07[]

This is when Sub Rosa truly went popular, and Brazilians met Sub Rosa right here.

Released in October 3 of 2012


Added Mac OS build.

Added Buying menu.

Added weapons: AK-47, M16 and MP5. Replaced the Pistol to 9mm and both Submachine Gun and Rifle was removed.

Added new disks, they are now coloured, and each one has different values.

Added other types of vehicles: Van, Mini van, Town car, Turbo and Beamer.

Added keys for cars bought by their respective owners.

Added accounts system.

Added Three-way deal.


Improved Acqusition: now there are two Limos full of NPCs inside driving to 2 different tunnels.

Improved the map, added a Central Park, 2 double buildings, and misc.

Version 0.07b[]

This was a patch for 0.07, and is a very small update.


Added free camera for spectators.

Added regional manager for corporations.

Added a salary for every round, you earn 150$ each round.


When a teammate shoots at you, you don't lose money for revenging.

Stock amplifyes the bonus into 20%.

Removed the AK-47 menu when hitting A.

Version 0.20[]

This is when Sub Rosa went public again after 2 years of silence, the city started looking more open, the buildings started getting more complex, real windows, the game was no longer free to play, and added the precious World Mode for the public.

Released in October 4 of 2014


Re-added Bandages and bleeding, it was removed in 0.16.

Added a car dealer in front of spawn.

Added base healing.

Added controllable garage doors.

Added new talking system, press T, write something and it will appear over your head.


When you spawn, you will start as Civilian, you now have to get hired by a corporation inside their bases.

Missions will appear in every 15 minutes (not real minutes).

Changed the buy menu key to Tab.

The phone can now only be used with the right hand.

Removed the hability of placing the briefcase in the inventory.

Version 0.21[]

Not many new things, mostly just fixes.

Released on October 27 of 2014


Added new picking up interface.

Added withdrawal and deposit, now it will not deposit automatically and you spawn the money manually. (Needs to be in the right hand).

Added self firing. Hold delete key for 3 seconds outside the base and you will become a Civillian.

Added money interface.


Fixed wall climbing trick, just look at your feet and start jumping backwards against the wall.

Fixed the "alot of cash in the briefcase" glitch.

Fixed reflections on broken glasses.


When the manager is arleady dead, the first who get in the hiring room will become the new manager.

Changed the map and missions interface toggle key to C.

Deposited items will be automaticly split to all players in the corp.

Briefcases can now only store 5 money stacks.

Cash is no longer shiny.

Alpha 22[]

This was still not one of those updates, but added some cool and fun features.

Released in December 23 of 2014


Re-Added Three-way deal mission: 2 corps have a disk and the other have all the money for both corps

Added a new corporation, wich is Pentacom.

Added punishments for killing unnarmed Civilians.

Added corporation manager name appearing in every 30 minutes on the corner.

Added Mac OS build.


Enhanced the performance, it is no longer capped at 30 fps.

Enhanced the player physics, now they can not stay up at any point.

Alpha 23[]

Sub rosa, now with 100% more landscape!

Released in January 1 of 2015


Added whisper, yelling and talking.

Added a landscape and removed the ocean outside of the map.

Added SSAO effect (Ambient occlusion) option.

Added 1.000$ Bill cash.

Added newspaper, you can edit it on the server file, by default is the Top 10 list.


Optimized the rendering.


Enhanced the AI.

Removed the car engine sound being played when is not being accelerated.

Limited car buying for 3 in-game hours.

Limited the stock to 100,000 shares per corporation.

Death tax is now 5% of your cash over 10.000$.

Unnarmed civilian assassination with 2 to 5 minutes on spawn is now 10.000$ + 5%.

Changed the failed missions reward value to half of succeeding missions.

Changed the old spawn building to a hospital. (Exclusive to 23g)

Changed the spawn location, you now have to take a train to get to the city.

You can now heal your self with a bandage.

Transaction missions can now have 1 more corporation with the cash.

When you leave the server, you have a chance of returning as the same character for a minute.

Alpha 24[]

Originally intended as a big update, but it would eventually be rushed out. And it is also infamous for it's high level of piracy and modified fake builds.

Released in August 3 of 2015


Re-added Round mode.

Added falling damage.

Added a helicopter.

Added a gun store.

Added new weapons: Magnum and Uzi.

Removed clothing stores and banks.


Fixed voice chat.

Fixed landscape rendering on some slow video cards.

Smoothed out the netcode for players and vehicles.


Improved weapon/item handling.

Stock increases are more reasonable now.

Corporations now starts with 2 phones.

Hospital is now the only place to heal.

Alpha 25[]

One of the most infamous and funly remembered versions of Sub Rosa. And the Brazilians strikes back and a community war occured.

Released in October 6 of 2015


Re-added bank and clothing store.

Re-added Ad Billboards: The players can buy their ad at the clothing store.

Added Hunger: If you starve, your max amount of HP will gradually start to drop.

Added Lunch break and burgers.


Fixed stock bug.

Fixed freezing during fire fights.

Fixed whispering, yelling on voice chatting.

Fixed voice chat display showing up trough walls.


New account system based on Steam ID.

Admins can ban a player for an amount of time.

Round mode manager can shoot before the round starts, and can also fire players.

To sell a car, the player must be holding the key with his right hand.

World mode will not reset players outside of the city now.

Alpha 26[]

This is the beginning of a new era, the re-start of everything.

It was a locked by a password. The password you would have to insert was in crypticsea's blogspot, and it was "yerbamateisgood"

Released in August 31 of 2016

Since everything is different and was changed, the only things to discuss, are the things that changed upon it.

Alpha 27[]

A first look for the public of what the game would eventually become, however, it was quite an unstable update.

Released in 2017 (If you know the exact date, please add it here.)


New art style.

New map inspired on v01 - v07's layout.

Removed World mode.

Re-done physics.

Alpha 28[]

A small update duct taping most of the critical issues from v27. However, it wasn't a very popular version for feeling quite bare.

Released in September 23 of 2017


Re-added Stocks.

Re-added controllable garage door.

Re-added car buying menu.

Re-added falling damage.

Re-added the Top 10 list.

Added manager menu.

Added mute player option.

Added the hability of shooting while driving by holding the Shift key.


Fixed memory issue with with Intel drivers.

Fixed all the holes in the map.

Fixed phone sounds.

Fixed help.


New HUD.

New bases.

Improved player movement.

Improved shooting.

Improved car physics.

Improved van / minivan weight distribution.

Alpha 29[]

The Round mode no longer felt bare, and this version was as popular as 25. It was a big update that made the game pretty stable and added alot.

Released in December 22 of 2017


Added Linux / Mac OS builds.

Added lots of unique new buildings and locations.

Added access to the rooftops at the bases.

Added Sliding: Jump, then hold the Ctrl key.

Added new missions.

Added per-round lighting changes.


Optimized rendering.

Optimized netcode.


Rendering is now Open GL 3.3.

New menu design.