Sub Rosa Wiki

Submachine Gun[]

Submachine Gun as seen in 0.05

The most famous old weapon in Sub rosa, it was available in all classic demos of Sub rosa, expect 0.07.

  • Magazine size: 20
  • Damage: 27
  • Projectile Distance: Medium
  • Fire speed: Fast
  • Automatic: Yes


Pistol as seen in 0.05

It is almost the same as the SMG, it then got replaced to the 9mm.

  • Magazine size: 8
  • Damage: 27
  • Projectile Distance: Near
  • Fire speed: Medium
  • Automatic: Yes


Rifle as seen in 0.05

Rifle had a very small life, it lived only in 0.05 to 0.06b, it was a strong weapon.

  • Magazine size: 5
  • Damage: 63
  • Projectile Distance: Long
  • Fire speed: Slow
  • Automatic: Yes


This is Alex Austin's favorite gun, it is a joke. It was added in 0.07, got scrapped later and then returned and

Magnum as seen in 0.07b

got scrapped again.

  • Magazine Size: 6
  • Damage: 36
  • Projectile Distance: Medium
  • Fire Speed: Medium
  • Automatic 0.07b: Yes
  • Automatic 0.24: No
  • Cost: 10.000$
  • Magazine Cost: 1.000$

Browning - Auto-5[]

This weapon doesn't have a sound and a model. A model was made for the game, but was never put in the game.

This weapon was in Alpha 30 executable, and it can be spawned by coding

  • Damage: Unknown
  • Magazine size: 200
  • Projectile distance: Medium
  • Automatic: Yes


Documents as seen in 0.02

This is not really a weapon but is a trading item that got quickly replaced to the disk.

Originally owned by Yellow team (Goldmen Inc.)

  • Amount: 1
  • Function: Trading item for Blue team (Monsota)
  • Mission: Transaction


Burger as seen in 0.25

This item did not survive too long, it was only available in 0.25, because at 12:00, the players would start getting hungry, so they had to eat Burgers.

  • Amount: 8
  • Function: Eat burgers so you don't starve
  • Mission: Lunch break

On 0.37 Beta it came back


Elevator from outside

Yep, Sub Rosa would have elevators so the game could experiment more inside buildings, it was short lived, but it was attempted again at 0.16 and 0.38, but were cut as well.

Elevator from inside


Truck screenshot

The purpose of the trucks are unknown, maybe it was a "for fun" vehicle.

  • Originally intended to have a container at the back of it, later replaced to become the train.
  • Still has a leftover in the executable of the game, but it is not functional in 0.34 or later.


It exists in the game, but there is nothing about it.


One of the earliest variations of vehicles in Sub Rosa.

  • It is basicly a Town car but with 2 seats.
  • Was not available at dealer ships or buy menu.
  • Removed in v32


It was basicly a Town car, but longer.

  • Despite having 2 more spaces for seats, there are only 4 seats instead of 6.
  • Would be used exclusively by Megacorp.
  • Removed in v32

Facial Expressions[]

Sad Expression

So, Alex made a faceless head model, then added eyes, a nose, and Sad, Mad head models, sadly, this was removed very quickly, and we never could test it.

Angry Expression


Player grabbing a single door

Alex used to play a lot with Doors back then, Alex just forgot about it, but, He is bringing it back, maybe...

Double Doors

Atmospheric Scattering[]

First Scattering Test (2013)

This was removed, at probably 0.31 or 0.25, We don't really know. But it was made and survived for like, 2 years, and it used to improve the atmosphere shader.

Later Scattering Tests (2014)

Real Dollar[]

2 Stacks

Originally, they were just green flat blocks of cash, then Alex brought an upgrade to them and variety.

One stack

Today we have rendered unique textures to match with the game's style.



Theese signs weres made in 0.08, they were used to be on the last floor of buildings, Written: Buy Stuff.

Was later re-introduced in 0.25 with customizable ads, you could type what you wanted on it. But would also come as default Buy Stuff.

Random Aquisition[]

Originally instead of always coming to a Limo full of guards, back in 0.06a/0.06, it used to have a random car and amount of guards with different weapons,

Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)[]

ANZ SSAO (Out Line Shadows)

Originally ripped from ANZ SSAO, then it was made Sub Rosa own SSAO.

An ambient occlusion effect, basicly adds a bit of shade around the edges, so it looks more natural.

Sub Rosa SSAO

Mail Boxes & Trash Cans[]

Tests for Mailboxes

Originally intended to be automatically generated with streets, like how Poles does.

It did not had any collisions, and served mainly as just decorations.

Later made a more detailed model, and then trash cans.

Clothing Store[]

Suit stores.png

Was in introduced in 0.20, so now you could change your suit or add a sun glasses

Later in 0.25, they added Bandages and possiblity to change the Advertisement from the signs.

On 37 Beta it came back


Hospital in 0.25d

Before hospitals, there was a Base healing system, then it was replaced to a Hospital.


Bank before 0.25

You could withdraw and deposit Money or Diskets there.

On 37 Beta it came back

Bank in 0.25

Texture Re-colouring[]


A cool engine feature for easy colouring a texture, for instead of manualy doing a new texture and economizing memory. Originally having full RGB colouring, then in v24 being simplified to a few colours, sadly this feature was removed in v26