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UltraCorp. (commonly known by the abbreviation 'UC') was the largest player-run corporation in Sub Rosa. The group gained fame after Cryptic Sea witnessed and recorded the group taking over an enemy base. As of mid-2017, the group is on hiatus.

Relatively recently, some documents pertaining to the group's operations during .25 were released to the public.

A longer timeline of events depicted in GameMaster777's novella, Heart of Darkness, can be viewed here.


UltraCorp. was founded on August 22nd, 2015, by player Ace Candy, (AKA, ace, Ace) on the principle of helping the community make money. Naturally, the corporation attracted many members, maxing out at 103. The most recent generation garnered up and over 120 players, with membership fluctuating in a cycle.

UltraCorp's occupation of multiple in-game corporations (most commonly OXS International, Monsota, and Pentacom) allowed the money-making process to be streamlined, as there were large amounts of coordination between the managers of the groups, and thus very little competition. Non-UC controlled corporations were still tolerated, given that they at least were neutral towards UC during the game. UltraCorp. primarily took control of OXS International, and would expand to other in-game corporations when profitable.

Base Raid and Cryptic Sea[]

Diagram of the base raid

The Nexaco Freedom Fighters (commonly known as the "NFF"), a self-professed anti-UC group, rose up to fight UC for control of World 1 roughly two weeks after UC first came into existence, citing an overwhelming control of the in-game economy as a casus belli. During one highly notable game session, UC and the NFF were both online in nearly their entirety and a massive-scale assault was taken underway by UC forces attempting to gain control of the namesake Nexican base from the NFF. The ensuing battle was captured on video by the game's lead developer Cryptic Sea, roleplaying as a "news helicopter" during the firefight. At certain points, NFF forces mistakenly opened fire upon the "news helicopter" believing it to be a UC transport or gunship.


Sub Rosa- Action News Chopper

The attention from Cryptic Sea plus a demonstration of yet unseen tactical prowess helped further cement UltraCorp. into the game's history.

Community Interaction and MAGNUM Crisis[]

The community was mostly neutral or positive towards UC during its past period of existence, due to UC supplying its members-- a large chunk of the player base-- with massive income. In April to May 2017, the player best known as MAGNUM left a mercenary group contracted by UC after a personal falling-out between MAGNUM and UC command, and began what could be best described as a revolution against UC agents. The cited reason was much the same; UC at the time was rebuilding to begin another generation, or membership cycle, and was attempting (and failing) to emulate Soviet mass-infantry-assault tactics, versus the much smaller (but much better trained as compared to <100-hour UC recruits) force operated by the so-called Secret Order of Magnum.

These tactics failed quite badly in the wake of a much more mobile force and UC found itself having to withdraw due to lack of training for its recruits. This posed quite the problem for UC, seeing as their professed point of playing was making money, and dying was entirely counteractive to that.

Due to the lack of engagement in the company by UC's agents, almost entirely because of the mass-hiring techniques employed, UC found itself unable to be fully actionable against MAGNUM forces without being harassed and losing money, and by July 2017, had nearly if not entirely stopped playing as a company. In early March 2018, the UC Discord was vacated due to lack of use.

With the Alpha 27 update's removal of World Mode, UltraCorp. was put on an indefinite hiatus until World returns. Multiple leaders have reaffirmed that UltraCorp. may not even return even if World does.

However, with the revival and revamping of World mode in Alpha 37, there have been rumors pertaining to a possible resurgence of UltraCorp. Some question if a new group formed by Ace, going by the name of “United Stock & Trade” is a second true iteration of UltraCorp.