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Sub Rosa is an independent FPS game created by Alex "Cryptic Sea" Austin.

It focuses on commerce in a city where corporations are forced to work together or deceive one another over floppy disks to exchange for cash.

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To begin playing the game, you first must get a job from any of the colored circles (companies) on your map (opened by hitting "C"). If you are hired, your company will receive missions on the same screen as the map.

  • *Stocks are important. Pay attention to the stock increase per mission, as it will raise your stocks by however much it is.
  • *You will lose some, but not all, of your stocks upon death, so don't worry about holding cash. Go all in!
  • It is crucial to learn how to aim and how to shoot if you wish to be successful. The reticle is not accurate and should only be used as a reference. Go into Practice Mode on the Main Menu before playing and experiment with standing and shooting, crouching and shooting, and tap firing.
  • Use your senses and always stay aware of the situation and environment. Listen for vehicles or gunfire. Talk at different volumes (hit "T") to be heard or more secretive. Confusion will kill.

*Stocks are present exclusively in Round Mode. In World, a percentage of your money is lost.


  • Always stay vigilant for the "No Name Militia" and 319s with red names, regardless if they are a civilian. Never allow suspicious individuals to leave your sight.
  • Be conscious of your Criminal Rating or "CR." Allowing it to get too high can and will result in you being banned from a server until it cools down.

Notable Organizations

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