Once some money is earned through completing objectives, players may invest in shares in the stock system. The cost of a share is based on which team the player purchasing the share is on, and can be found next to the team name on the player list. A share will range from $100 to $500. Every time the player's team succeeds in depositing a disk or completing an objective, the price of their share goes up. Players may then buy their shares back or buy more shares during the starting period. When buying back shares, the selling price is the same as the buying price of a share at during the round when they are bought back. In the stock interface, players can buy or sell up to 5000 shares at a time. 


  • For every $100 dollars a player's team makes off an objective, the teams stock prices go up about 1%.
  •  When a team's stock prices reach $500 dollars, they reset to $100. In turn, the amount of shares a player has is the same.
  •  In the transaction mode, depositing the disk given to you to be bought by another team yields no cash reward or percent increase.