Two stacks of cash in 0.25.

 The stack of cash is an item in Sub Rosa. Stacks of cash can range anywhere from being worth $1 to $10,000, depending on what bills are in the stack. The stack can be made up of multiple different types of bills. You can use the scroll wheel to see what bills are in a stack of cash, and Shift + scroll to see bills held in your left hand.   


  • You can put a $1000/$100 dollar bill on top of a stack of $1 dollar bills, so that the actual worth of the bill is much less than it appears in hand or in a suitcase.
  • All stacks you are not using in the trade you should store in the vault so they are scored at the end of the round. (Round mode)
  • Other teams will store their stacks in their vault so you can steal those stacks either after killing them or while they are not guarding them. (Round mode)