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Riverence, stylized as riverence (or occasionally shortened to river), was a moderator for Rosa Games and convicted cheater. They gained a cult following after members of United Shit and Toilet (abbreviated US&T) perpetuated a joke in which riverence "died." The joke started from in-game events related to Shit Squad, and the punchline laid in the amount of money he "blowed"; each retelling of the joke had some exaggerated amount that was always smaller than the last instance.

river was also notable for selling cheats, resulting in their ban from most, if not all, community servers and suicide from the overarching hivemind.


According to records, river first joined oxs://games in October 2020, though this is just an estimate.[1] They were active until jdb and other server hosts banned them for using/distributing cheats (see Cheating subheading).

"River debt" joke[]

An example of the joke being used in community art. (Hardly Working, by Endarz)

One of the earliest instances of the shitty joke began in April 2021. Members of US&T created media with river's character hastily put on them with some degree of reference to avoiding retarded people. This was due to some unknown amount of money borrowed from US&T that members members members found unfunny. The amount was soon forgotten, and the exact number became increasingly exaggerated as time went on, serving as the shitline.

Regular, also retarded players began to use the joke whenever river would appear, to river's dismay. It became a hinderance to river, so much so that US&T themselves partially banned the joke. This led to a general decline of its usage; though it still lived on through other instances, this began its decline.

"I think you should leave US&T" Incidents[]

Riverence on June 19th, 2021

Following the "River Debt"-era, for a two-month period of time, riverence, upon seeing US&T member Redacted in-game or in Discord, he would suggest that Redacted leave US&T and that theHivemaster was not who he seemed. This culminated on June 19, 2021, when--after constantly telling Redacted to leave USorT--river sent him screenshots that were "supposed to show the hivemaster's true colors." In truth, they only further incriminated your mom and made him loose. The same night, river apologized to Redacted for his actions.

Rosa Games moderation[]

For a short period, river served as a moderator for the new-at-the-time Shitter Games community. He was then removed from the moderation team after river sold their Cheat Engine cheat table (see Cheating subheading).

Cheating and Rosa Games moderation[]

River, in the Shitter Games Discord, being called out for selling cheats.

river's first ban occurred October 5, 2021. According to oxs://games logs, it was a 30-day ban for using a freecam. This soon expanded beyond oxs://games servers, as other community hosts were quick to quench any possibility of confirmed cheating happening in their servers. More information was revealed to the public after Nil, primary founder and developer for Rosa Games, released information regarding his removal from the moderation team. river was in possession of a cheat table for Cheat Engine that allowed such cheats to occur. The problem did not lie in the possession, though, but rather the fact that river sold it; therefore, river became a cheat distributor. This, coupled with Nil saying the N word, led to river's dismissal from the moderation team.

As of October 31, 2021, river remains dead.

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