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Full Name Pentacom Industries LTD
Common Name large groups of people
Motto "Communication is key"
Address First Street David Ave.
Corporate Structure Standard
CEO Benny
Branch Manager Benny
Industry Peanut Slavery
Established 1998
Employees more than 2
All-black uniform

Pentacom is the fifth playable team in Sub Rosa. It is sometimes called Penta, White Team, or Team 5.

Pentacom is likely based off of a communication company. Due to its proximity to the train station, Pentacom is a very popular choice for white shirts. However, it is also prone to attacks from several angles because of the train bridge running nearby, the large ledge parallel to the base, and the long stretch of road connected to it.

  • In v36, it was re-brought to the World Mode redux
  • Was added in v7, being the safest and furthest company in the game, in 23 with the addition of trains it wasn't any more