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Teequis is a Brazilian player who started playing in 2016, at the same time that Cazum8 (good brazilian youtuber) started recording Sub Rosa Alpha 25 since he is a bootlicker of the same YouTuber. At that time Teequis was unable to buy the game, so he literally pirated the game since he is a loser and poor piece of shit. In 2019 he finally took shame and bought the game, manipulating every new player into being his friends

  • Generic ass look, was brazilian joker, got his 5 minutes of fame and then came back to being teequis
  • Literally no one cares about your channel, fuck off, go back to rRblox
  • On the day this is being written (11/2/20), Teequis is hated by every single person of the brazilian community and the US community, reasons are simple, Teequis is a schizophrenic person who can't take jokes and is also a literal autistic kid
  • As Teequis is Brazilian, his English is not very good, it leads to hilarious conversations, where he always fucking loses the arguments and starts randomly yelling "brazilian revolution is attacking me"
  • Since he is a 9 year old and his favorite game is Fortnite, he LOVES to cosplay as john wick!!!
  • Lost every single friend due to his schizophrenic behavior
  • Has a nazi as moderation in his discord (very smart ! )
  • The voices in his head still tell him that the brazilian revolution exists
  • Several youtubers who have played in the same session as he was playing, now hate him
  • The only thing bigger than his ego is his nose, holy shit its so big
  • He plays Roblox, i mean. Wtf
  • dumb and stupid
  • is wasabiihamood
  • Tries to stream snipe people but his stream delay is 3 days because his shit internet
  • wait the bug
  • He plays john wick music trying to sound cool.

Your story in the game[]

Grew up alone, not even his parents showed up to his birth, had no friends, so his only way to get attention was from the famous sub rosa game


Teequis Shooting peas and getting punished.