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OXS International
OXS International Actual.png
OXS Logo
Full Name OXS International
Common Name OXS
Motto "Working to advance the futures of our stockholders."
Address 1236 Wall Street
Corporate Structure Product-type divisional organizational structure
CEO Liam H Bagwell
Branch Manager Stewart Freling
Industry Computers
Established 1922
Employees 63,392
OXS Brand Suit

OXS International, or just OXS, is one of the teams in Sub Rosa. It is likely an allusion to Ox International and is commonly referred to as the grey team or team 3.

OXS international is an up-and-coming computing business. Originally making its claim to fame in 1970, when it designed the software and hardware for the apollo 13, beyond what any NASA scientist could produce at the time. Since then, the company has had its skills used in almost every major advancement in computing. Competition has been stiff for OXS, with competetors like MicromSoft invading the market with reliable hardware for a lower price. However, with the death of MicromSoft's CEO, OXS has once again become the largest computing corp in the northern hemisphere.