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Monsota Actual.png
Monsota Logo
Full Name Monsota Inc.
Common Name Monsota
Motto "Reap the benefits of an easy day's work."
Address N/A
Corporate Structure Non-Existent
CEO Mahtlol "Mike" Micheal
Branch Manager Wasabii
Industry Biology Dealing and Peanut Farming
Established 1337
Employees 3
Armani Suit

Monsota, also referred to as Team 2 or Blue Team, is one of the six playable corporations in Sub Rosa.

The company name "Monsota" is likely an allusion to Monsanto Company: a real-world corporation. Monsanto is notable for its involvement in high-profile lawsuits, and controversial products.

Monsota was founded in [REDACTED]. Created by an agency belonging to the Chechen government, it has since (supposedly) cut ties with said agency. Monsota is famous for its production of money and disks stemming from their use. Many photos have been leaked to the press with CEO "Michael" Mike meeting with mysterious figures and representatives trading off gold disks to OXS containing a list of MAGNUM's enemies. Evidence has also corroborated that pesticides manufactured and distributed to the those countries by Monsota are a concoction of mustard gas and white phosphorus which, if true, makes Monsota's entire work force eligible for the death penalty and a fine of $2 USD. Monsota has recently begun research on Uzi techniques.