When starting Sub Rosa, a player starts with $1000. Players must then earn money in order to purchase Weapons, Items, and/or Vehicles. Money can be earned by players in two ways, by completing objectives in a Game Mode or through Stocks. In Round mode, when a team completes an objective, such as placing a disk in their vault, each team member equally gains somewhere between $0-2000, as long as the objective stays complete by the end of the round. In World mode, when a player deposits a disk, the cash value is split between the personal accounts of everyone in the team, and their stock goes up by the percent increase on the disk. In Race Day, players gain between $0 and $20,000 for winning the race.


  • When the player dies, all of their stock is pushed into their personal bank account, as you leave teams upon death, and 10% of your money is deducted from your account.