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(This is the page for the player. For the in-game weapon, see Magnum.)


MAGNUM, is the name of one of Sub Rosa's most infamous players.

Known for his group, "The Secret Order of MAGNUM," MAGNUM attracted much attention in the Sub Rosa subreddit after assembling a so-called "death squad" of fellow teammates and ensuing a period of mass random-deathmatching (RDM) in which he and his associates proceeded to kill many players.


Alpha 25[]

MAGNUM and his group swore themselves as the ultimate enemy of the Brazilians--a group that often disrupted gameplay due to their inability to speak English and their overall lack of experience with Sub Rosa. Many players became opposed to MAGNUM due to his lack of discrimination between Brazilian targets and normal players as the RDMing evolved beyond Brazilians and became indiscriminate. New players became targeted just as Brazilians once were, and UltraCorp, the largest player corporation at the time, became a high-value target due to the company's policy of hiring and training new players.


During the wake of Alpha 27, MAGNUM was banned. Moderators cited disruption of gameplay, violation of r/subrosa rules, and impersonation of the game's developer, Cryptic Sea, as grounds for his suspension.[citation needed]

After the ban, many players celebrated, as the main threat to most players' safety was finally gone. The Revolution, however, was given the opportunity to take control since their main source of conflict had been removed. This takeover was short lived; The Revolution quickly collapsed due to inexperience and lack of game knowledge most Brazilians in the group possessed.

MAGNUM's suspension did not do much to alter the trend of RDMing, and the problem persists in current versions.