Cost N/A
Seats 8
Max Speed 83+
0 - 60 mph 11.1 Seconds
  • Can be found during an acquisition mission, even if your team doesn't have the mission.
  • The limo carries four NPCs; an unarmed driver and three guards, carrying MP5s. The NPCs will shoot at any player that comes too close to the limo, crashes into the limo, or shoots the limo.
  • The disk is always carried by the limo driver, who only drops the briefcase carrying the disk when killed.
  • The limo will drive recklessly in a two-block circle, and will change to a different area to circle when shot at.
  • Try to shoot at the limo itself instead of the driver or guards, as the guards and the driver get out of the limo when destroyed and stand stationary, while the guards shoot at the player(s).