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(NOT MADE BY KISAMEFISHMAN) Kisamefishman is a homie and just a cool ass dude, also known as the "Kisfish", also known as "Death7Trap", also known as "the mmo guy", is famous for being the first African American Sub Rosa player. He was also famous for his YouTube videos before they were taken down. He can teach you how to play any MMO and can kick your ass when he has to steal your disk with any means necessary. He doesn't play much Sub Rosa anymore due to people following him around and mic spamming his famous "How to own in any mmo" video, but when he gets his weekly 7 day competitive cooldown on CSGO, he is eager to hop back on his grind. If you ever see him around, be sure to ask for any mmo or life tips. He is an open book and has many stoires to tell. He is a wise old sage. Also, he does not mind if you use the N-word around him, because his philosophy entails that everyone is his n*gga.


How to be the best at any MMO


Mmo guy previews (aka death7trap)