jdb is a scripter, modeler and most known as the oxs://games founder. As of September 2, 2021, the servers were shut down in protest after developer Cryptic Sea released a bug fix that, even months after release, did not fix frame smoothing among other core technical issues.

He remains active in the modding scene, continuing development on the RosaServer API and occasionally presenting one-off projects under the "oxs://" branding.


Oxs International was a network of subrosa servers, as Improved World, Sandbox, Computer Lab, Racing, Multi 1v1s.

He also created a blender plugin that enables you to edit subrosa archives, as cmo, sbv, etc.

More than that, he did a few models, as the most known cybertruck.

He is probably the best subrosa scripter ever, creating awesome mods as a fricking recreation of garry's mod and also remade pong via subrosa's computers

The programs that he uses to develop these mods are Binary Ninja and Cheat Engine

He also has a site of his server network: https:/

After the 38e update on Sep. 2nd, 2021, Jdb announced oxs international would no longer host servers. A new week-long hardcore server was hosted on 9/19/2021 by Jdb, but no other servers have been hosted by him since. He can still be seen occasionally interacting on discord.

It is unknown when, or even if, he will return.

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