Sub Rosa Wiki


  • Items are used to assist players, and weapons are used to kill players/NPCs.
  • Teams have randomly assigned roles.
  • Stacks of cash are used to trade for disks.
  • There are four objectives and three game modes.


  • F1 to toggle help.
  • WASD to move.
  • Mousewheel up and down to change your character's movement speed and also to aim your weapon (the faster you go, the less accurate your aim).
  • Press C to open and close the map.
  • Press E to enter the seat closest to you in a car/helicopter, and hold E to exit.
  • Press Tilde (the squiggly thing next to 1) to drop the item you have equipped, and Shift+Tilde to drop items in your left hand. (Version 7/5/2021 uses Q)
  • Left-click to pick up items (Also E), shoot while a gun is equipped, or open/close a briefcase.
  • Press a number key (shift + number for left hand) to place the item you're holding in your inventory, press again to equip that item.
  • Hold Space while driving for E-brake.
  • Press Space when you're dead to switch the player you're observing in Round Mode.
  • Open UDP port 27584 if you want to host a server.
  • Press F to switch items between left and right hands.
  • Press F5 on the server to restart the game.

How the voice chat works:

  • In the voice options menu, you can configure to broadcast voice when over a minimum level or use push to talk (hold a key while talking to broadcast, default V).