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Avoid this man at all costs this dude wacky fr fr. Gryphonphoenix has plotted a plethora of different ideas to bring down the White House such plans include planting C4 under the structural base of the building and things along those lines. He is a psychopath and other things such as

  • bug,
  • crackbrain,
  • crazy,
  • fool,
  • fruitcake,
  • head case,
  • loon,
  • loony,
  • lunatic,
  • maniac,
  • nut,
  • nutcase,
  • psycho,
  • sickie,
  • sicko,
  • wacko
  • (also whacko)
  • and is a threat to anyone who maybe foolish enough to come across his path and if that is you there is no point in running from him he will hunt you down and destroy you no matter the cost to himself or the others around him, the only thing you can do is to preform a sacrifice of exactly 8.2 frozen waffles along side a SINGULAR soggy cherry poptart doing this will unleash the chains of the underworld and will wrap around him and drag him back to hell where he was formerly created.