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Goldmen Inc.
Goldman Inc Actual.png
Goldmen Inc. Signage
Full Name Goldmen Incorporated
Common Name Goldmen
Motto "Be short-term greedy"
Address 1234 Wall Street
Corporate Structure Holocracy Structure
CEO Payton B Kelt
Branch Manager Bonin R Mutton
Industry Investment Banking
Established 1869
Employees 27,000
Goldmen Inc. Brand Suit

Goldmantis Inc. is one of the three playable companies in SubRosa, and is often referred to as the Gold Team.

Created during 1869 by a former member of the Cincinnati Red Stockings, Goldmen Incorporated has grown from a small town bank to a business on the verge of cornering all other American banking corporations on the west coast. Goldmen has been recently tied with allegations of criminal dealings and underhanded tactics being used to create such a situation, However, Goldmen has denied these allegations. Now turning its sights to large cities like New York and D.C. Washington, Goldmen hopes to secure footholds within them. On an unrelated note, murder and corporate crime went up by 7% percent, reaching levels not seen since 1869.

The company name Goldman Sachs and Co. is an allusion to Goldman Sachs, a fictional bank from the Tom Clancy universe.