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GameMaster777 is one of those players you'll likely assume sucks at the game because of his username. He is actively aware of this as he can't go one week without somebody telling him "more like gaymaster".

He has been invited to a few different groups, worked with a lot of people, and made a lot of new friends, all of which he's proud of. He regards himself as quiet, but likable if you get to know him.

Seven Cult[]

GameMaster777 spearheaded a cult that revolved around assassinating people for money under the guise of spreading the word of "7". This involved leaving "7" as a calling card and saying "7" to other members of the cult. This was fun at first, but since there was no punchline the bit wore off on GameMaster777 after an hour. Friends of GameMaster777 who were there still reference it, one of them going as far as requiring everyone in their Discord server to have something "7"-related in their nickname.

The only footage of the incident, which blows since the YouTuber is god-awful

Published Works[]

Both of his books were censored on Steam and Google by the community managers because they are illiterate fuckheads who don't take their community seriously. Fuck all of them.

Paradise Lost[]

Art by AeroArchonite

GameMaster777 was a high-ranking employee within the player-run group MetaCorp. He got kicked out for giving their enemy, the United Front Against MetaCorp, classified information pertaining to the company. He took some time to think about what happened, and wrote a short book about his time at MetaCorp which can be viewed here:

Paradise Lost Redux, by GameMaster777

Heart of Darkness[]

Art by AeroArchonite

After writing Paradise Lost, Ace Candy suggested to him that he should write a book about UltraCorp, and GameMaster took him up on it. It covers him and his actions during UltraCorp's existence until the events of Paradise Lost. It can be viewed here:

Heart of Darkness, by GameMaster777