The disk is used in different ways depending on the game mode but there is always a team that needs to bring it back to their base to gain money. The disk's worth ranges from $200 to $12500, with gold disks being the most valuable, often giving a 30% or more stock increase to the team. Game mode also has a large effect on their value. You can fit a single disk in a briefcase. Each disk has a percentage, available through the mission/map screen. This percentage increases the amount of cash the player has in stocks by whatever the percent of the disk is.

Game modes with disksEdit

  • Transaction: The team the disk spawns with cannot score the disk for money, they need to trade it with another team for stacks of cash to make money from it.
  • Acquisition: AI drive though the map carrying the disks, the disks can be scored by any team.
  • 3-way deal: Each of the three teams have a disk and need a disk, you need to give your disk to one team have that team give their disk to the other team and have that other team give you the disk you need.
  • Building Acquisition: A disk is on a table on the third floor of a mission building. Multiple teams have to get the disk. The disk is guarded by AIs with MP5s and 9mms. Players must retrieve the disk.