Overview Edit

Alex "Cryptic Sea" Austin is an American game developer operating out of Santa Cruz, CA. Known mostly for his successful game-in-progress Sub Rosa, Cryptic Sea developed many other physics-based games which can be found on his official website.

History Edit

Bridge Builder series Edit

At an unknown date, Alex created Bridge Builder, a self-explaining game. Then, on August 19, 2008, Alex released the trailer for Bridge Builder 2. Unlike the first in the series, Bridge Builder 2 took on a 3D environment. It followed the same concept as the first game.

A New Zero: 2008-2010 Edit

On December 13, 2008, Alex released a video teasing the tech of his newest game "A New Zero." Inspired by, "Red Baron, Tie Fighter, Mechwarrior 2, Joust, and some other stuff," A New Zero was a success, but was not finished. It would see continued development in later years.

A New Zero: 2011-2012 Edit

A New Zero began to see new content and features as time went forward, including first-person movement/combat, tanks, new physics, etc.

A New Zero: Physics-based FPS Edit

On October 6, 2012, "A New Zero: Physics-based FPS" was uploaded to Alex's channel. It showcased Alex's pride and joy: physics-based movement. With no animations whatsoever, the entire game was physics-based, the first of its kind in 2012. This progress made with A New Zero would later be revisited in Sub Rosa.

Somnia Edit

Roughly 6 months after the release of A New Zero, Alex released the trailer for Somnia. Going in a completely different direction from Alex's previous works, Somnia appeared to be a puzzle game. Like many of Alex's works the game was never finished. A demo can be found and played on his website.

Hockey? Edit

Hockey? is a physics-based game of hockey first introduced by Alex on June 28, 2011 on his official YouTube channel. Considered a cult classic by many, Hockey? was received greatly by the community. For more, please check the official website. (Hockey?)

Sub Rosa: 7DGJ Edit

Created for the 7 Day FPS Game Jam 2012, Sub Rosa is a multiplayer FPS that revolves around transactions and shady business. Sub Rosa was heavily influenced by A New Zero, which is shown in its mechanics and overall gameplay. The game would see major improvements from its 7DGJ version to 0.06.

Sub Rosa: 2012 Edit

Sub Rosa would later receive traffic controlled by NPCs and proper all-physics gameplay, inherited from A New Zero. In Alex's showcasing of version 0.08, we witness an example of how co-op gameplay would work. He teams up with fellow indie developer, Brendon Chung, who would later become co-developer of the game in the future.

Sub Rosa: 2014-2016 Edit

Sub Rosa would see a brand new, refined style during this time through Alphas 21-25. As word spread, the game received attention from numerous relevant YouTubers, gaining a surprisingly strong following. Traffic would be improved drastically and would be made as realistic as possible.

After the traffic update of May 10, 2016, development ceased for a time, costing Alex much of his fanbase. However, many dedicated fans and players stayed, keeping at least one server full.

Sub Rosa: Physics-based FPS and Brendon Chung Edit

Alex teased the newest progress on Sub Rosa on June 10, 2017. Showcasing advanced and more realistic-looking player models, new weapon models, and new physics, it gave the community something to look forward to.

On August 29, 2017, Brendon Chung made an announcement on his official Twitter account saying that he was now helping Alex build Sub Rosa.

Other Works Edit

The rest of Alex's works can be found on his official website and on his YouTube channel. These include but are not limited to:

  • Golf? for Workgroups
  • Gish
  • Cryptic Sea EP (Skate or Don't and Volta)