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Endarz Endarz 1 November 2021

Becoming an Admin of the Sub Rosa Wiki

I did not know that Wiki adoption was a thing until I dug deeper into it, and I discovered that it is a real, legitimate thing! So, with how things stand with this joke of a wiki, and with how the bureaucrats/administrators of this page have been gone for years, I wanted to take it upon myself to fill those shoes, even if they are small shoes to fill.

I plan on applying to adopt this Sub Rosa Wiki to have more control over joke edits and maintaining the old posts that already exist here--as far back as version 0.07. This does not mean that the status quo of this place being not serious, but it means that I can continue revising such joke pages and fitting them to a style that is pleasing to view and fits the wiki.

Please let me know your tho…

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