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BagelMasterFuture is a Sub Rosa player known for having a freelance writer create this wikipage for him. A white shirt at spawn, he's a reliable person that you should stand with instead of against.


BagelMasterFuture is a corporate lackee who has adopted the popular M16 rifle. A divisive figure, not many care for him.

Some say he is an occasional schizophrenic, talking to himself in his car. Others believe he delves into Tulpamancy, creating imaginary friends to comfort himself in the harsh Sub Rosa world.

Pong Champion[]

BagelMasterFuture is renowned in the "Pong" arcade game, and commonly wins bets as a source of income. Those who fail to pay on these bets are subjected to Mafia tactics, and are regularly beaten into submission until they pay.

"It's not about making money-- It's about taking the money from others" he said during an interview. Willing to pay $50,000 for an advertisement in search for payment of only a $20,000 bet, BagelMasterFuture cares about honestly and honor more than just material wealth.

Grrrr, RDMers![]

>:( -- BagelMasterFuture on the subject of RDM.

BagelMasterFuture is known for his Anti-Redname Action, and will actively pursue RDMers. He hates them. Oh, so much. Quoted saying "grr rdmers >:(" he actively pursues and fails to rid of RDMers, mostly because of his poor driving and aiming skills.

"RDMers ruin World Mode," BagelMasterFuture claims. The "Pong" champion settles disputes with an aggressive arcade match instead of with violence. "We have to keep the streets clean and the 531s protected." To aid in his goal, he will frequently create a flash group in order to deal with aggressors. However, due to a debt owed to Nexican Freedom Fighters, they fail to receive the proper funding to fight such a menace.

"Grrr, RDMers!" is the common cry from these groups. While supporters of RDM propose that "its just a fucking game" and "refund the game you big baby," BagelMasterFuture and followers believe that the game should be more like those RP videos posted by those "really cool youtuber guys." Nonetheless, this is a conflict with no end in sight.

JDB's Remark[]


Debt Situation[]

BagelMasterFuture has successfully payed for the writing of this article for $135,000, money that had came entirely from Pong bets. However, some players have an outstanding debt with BagelMasterFuture from Pong bets.

  • Juff (319-2645) owes $20,000
  • toaster (319-6896) owes $10,000
  • SwagMaster96024 (639-2243) owes $20,000
  • iFlex24 7 (319-4926) owes $20,000
  • Baby Good (256-6238) owes $20,000
  • Hacto (531-1744) owes $961,000
  • Lux (531-3167) owes $100,000
  • Riverence (319-1150) owes $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (SEE "RIVERENCE DEBT SITUATION")

Riverence Debt Situation[]

At 11 PM, May 12th, 2021, Riverence Owes BagelMasterFuture 1 Decillion Dollars.

Riverence has made a great mistake. On the night of this event, he had read too much Twitter, then became fired up and challenged the Bagel Man himself to a 50K game of Pong. He lost this game, and then betted 100K. Then 200, then 300, then 1 million, and so on until he went so far over his head that he betted $1 Decillion, and wasn't kidding. He was beat, with Bagel's remark being "That was honestly easier than Hacto."

Both Riverence and Bagel knew that this is a number that could not be paid, for it is literally a shit ton more than the total amount ever legitimately made in the game of Sub Rosa. So they asked JDB if he could arrange a way for Bagel to automatically get a cut of the money River makes forever, and was met by a "nope." So they made an agreement with each other. At any time, BagelMasterFuture can ask Riverence to give him at most $200,000, and he needs to pay it.