Overview Edit

Brazilian execution

A Brazilian player being executed.

BR is a slang term used by the community. It is an abbreviation of the word "Brazilian" and is used mostly for calling out spotted players.

Origin Edit

The term "BR" dates back as far as 2004, and perhaps even further.

Urban Dictionary user "Squishmanchu" described the term "BR" on February 25, 2006. The user's definition was ranked as the Top Definition. The term has three definitions:

  • A respectable and knowledgeable online gamer who hails from the South American nation of Brazil.
  • A [dumb] online gamer who also hails from Brazil but is ignorant of rules and disrespectful of fellow gamers. Uses his or her lack of knowledge of the English language to try and get away with breaking rules.
  • Can be used as a derogatory term to fellow online gamers who are displaying acts of stupidity.

Community Outrage Edit

Since most Brazilians cannot speak English, this can make organizing deals problematic, and nearly impossible.

Along with the inability to speak English, most Brazilian players choose to team up together and kill random players, with no specific reason as to why.

This led much of the community to begin killing Brazilian players on sight, whether it be out of self-defense or a need to finish a mission. Players such as MAGNUM gained supporters from their killing of Brazilians.

The server Sub Rosa World 1, the game's most popular server, was at war with the Brazilians. This painted a scene of racism for the Sub Rosa community.

In 2017, a server called Sub Rosa Brazil came online. This was quickly abandoned after people found out that it was not official, but was hosted by a Brazilian member of the community.

As of Alpha 29, the number of BR players is estimated to be >11.