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Alpha 25 is the version that arcticfoxz started playing, after dying endless times for his nationality, he sought vengeance for himself and his comrade's suffering in the form of a group known as The Revolution, which at the time didn't have any set goals besides killing everyone in their path that wasn't Brazilian or didn't join it.

arcticfoxz gained much power through The Revolution and managed to create a network of Brazilian players in which there was an agreement to never kill each other, even when they were playing in different teams, The Revolution kept attacking.


Pre-Alpha 25[]

At the start of the round mode days, The Revolution didn't know how to attack since their enemies would rush their base every round, they found base-camping to be the easiest method to kill them, they would basecamp for hours on end until they either ran out of money or were killed enough times, arcticfoxz became infamous among Sub Rosa players and was often killed for his wrongdoings.

At this point, The Revolution became one of the biggest groups in Sub Rosa and managed to build an army with almost all Brazilians that played the game.

After a long time of war, arcticfoxz had an epiphany and remembered why he started The Revolution in the first place, to protect Brazilians. He realized that all he was doing was causing suffering at the expense of Brazilian players that just wanted to play the game normally.

The Revolution[]

arcticfoxz changed the values of The Revolution to be friendly with everyone except the people attacking it or attacking Brazilians, which wasn't enough, various players sought to punish him and his army, he spent lots of time playing with alternative names and being killed when people found out who he was, but at the same time, a server called Grevelo was gaining popularity.


Differently, from the official servers, Grevelo had much stricter rules and didn't allow for base-camping and team killing, while it softened the blow, it wasn't enough, there was a big group going out of their way to kill The Revolution, but then, when The Revolution's darkest times had come, a light shined across the tunnel, Gray, the admin of Grevelo had installed rules against discrimination, which stopped people from killing Brazilians, made The Revolution obsolete and stopped the war from going forwards.

post-Brazilian War[]

Every player that participated from the Brazilian war was known as a veteran, the revolution doesn't exist anymore and no Brazilian groups were created for a long time.